What We Do

WATCH:  “to remain vigilant for protection; keep guard.”

  • Save Crow’s Nest monitors legislation and law suits that relate to Crow’s Nest.
  • We write news updates and analyses that we share with our members.

EDUCATE:  “to inform by teaching or instruction.”

  • Save Crow’s Nest shares information on this web site and through our mailing list.
  • We have held house gatherings and public meetings, as well as attending community events to share information.

ADVOCATE: “to speak or write in favor of; to publicly support.”

  • Save Crow’s Nest is best known for our longstanding advocacy on behalf of saving all the Crow’s Nest peninsula.
  • Members have attended public hearings, contacted public officials, written letters and articles for the newspaper, and more.

PRESERVE:  “to keep safe from harm; protect; to keep up; maintain.”

  • Save Crow’s Nest has a semi-annual trash pick-up along the roads adjacent to the Crow’s Nest peninsula.
  • As public access to the Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve increases, we will help organize volunteers for trail maintenance and other preservation work.

ENJOY:  “to experience with joy; take pleasure in; to use with satisfaction.”

  •  With increased public access, look for more outings to hike Crow’s Nest and to kayak the area from the new boat launch in the Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve.