Blues skies and cooling breezes greeted participants at the third annual Rock the River FXBG festival. Save Crow’s Nest joined dozens of other environmental, conservation and other non-profit groups exhibiting at the event.

Our exhibit included a children’s activity for kids doing the scavenger hunt. We had over 100 kids participate. This little fellow could not wait to get home to display the Save Crow’s Nest sticker that he earned!

We had the opportunity to renew old friendships. Scarlett Pons of Ponshop has been a member of Save Crow’s Nest for twelve years.

She proudly wore her Save Crow’s Nest button.

We also made new friends. David and Amelia from Back Country Hunters share Save Crow’s Nest mission to conserve healthy watersheds and wilderness.

And Lindsay from Hike it Baby Fredericksburg came by to introduce her organization. Hike it Baby is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting families to one another and getting them outside with a focus on children from birth to school age. They provide support to get families in nature and raise a generation to love the outdoors.