The Commonwealth Transportation Board has approved the $400,000 that Stafford County had requested to improve a 1.6 mile road into the Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve.   The road improvement will begin on Raven Road and will end at an existing parking lot (barely visible in the satellite image below), giving people the opportunity to drive into Crow’s Nest and hike trails from there.

The road already exists and is part of a network built on Crow’s Nest for an intended housing development.  The road has been used for years by hunters and others with access to the property, however it is rutted, muddy in places, and in poor condition.  The road improvements will address these issues to make it more accessible.  Stakes marking the project have already been placed along the road.

Read the Free Lance Star article here.

crow's nest road work

This map shows the 1.6 mile road improvement coming to Crows Nest.

CN road satellite
Satellite image shows the route of the upcoming improved road, ending in a parking lot.