On September 5th, the Stafford County Board of Supervisors voted to increase by $2.7 million their offer to purchase a portion of Crow’s Nest. An offer will now be made to Stafford Lakes LP (also known as K&M Properties) for $33.2 million. The increased offer was based on the market value determined by a recently completed revised appraisal. The Board also voted to initiate condemnation proceedings if Stafford Lakes, LP refuses the offer.

This is a positive first step, and goes a long way to demonstrate the Board’s commitment to protect Crow’s Nest from development. However, we remain concerned that the offer is for only a portion of the property, and does not include any of the property owned by Stafford Lakes, LP in the “Crow’s Nest Harbor” subdivision platted out in the 1970’s (see map below). That portion of the peninsula is directly adjacent to the heron rookery. In the past month, there have been increased signs of potential development. Heavy machinery, including a front loader, has been on the property. The right of way for roads in the Harbour have been marked. Aerial surveys have been taken, and extensive GPS-based surveying completed.


Offers by the Board of Supervisors to purchase property from Stafford Lakes LP, and the cash proffer for the Stafford Town Station project, do not address any of the property in “Crow’s Nest Harbor.”