The Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve was chosen to receive the 2009 Scenic Viewshed Preservation Award from Scenic Virginia, given to showcase projects that help maintain Virginia’s scenic beauty.  The award was presented in Richmond on Wednesday, October 21.  The award recognizes the wide range of individuals and groups that helped to make the preservation of Crow’s Nest possible, including you—supporters of Save Crow’s Nest! Congratulations!

The award’s text reads: “Scenic Virginia presents the 2009 Scenic Viewshed Preservation Award to The Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve, the culmination of 10+ years of work by Federal, state and local officials, dedicated community members, and environmental agencies to transform the nearly 3,000 acres of the beautiful five-mile-long Crow’s Nest peninsula in Stafford County into the Commonwealth’s 54th natural area preserve, in the process preserving 750 acres of tidal and non-tidal wetlands; 21 miles of stream, riparian, and wetland buffers; 2,200 acres of hardwood forest; and substantial wildlife habitat for birds and fish, on a property that played an important role in Native American, Colonial and Civil War histories in Virginia.”

Accepting the award on behalf of the countless number of people, organizations, and agencies that helped to make a difference with Crow’s Nest were, (left to right) Joe Maroon, VA Department of Conservation and Recreation; Aquia Supervisor Paul Milde; Cessie Howell, Scenic Virginia; (unidentified); Bill Beck, Scenic Virginia; George Schwartz; Chair, Stafford Board of Supervisors; Anthony Romanello, Stafford County Administrator; Cecelia Kirkman, Save Crow’s Nest volunteer; Hal Wiggins, advocate; Harry Crisp, Vice-Chair, Stafford Board of Supervisors; John Mitchell, Trust for Crow’s Nest.