The County of Stafford has made an offer to purchase a portion of Crow’s Nest, about 2,900 acres. (Read the news story and the editorial calling upon the owners to accept the offer.)  The Board is to be commended for this action. However, saving the entire peninsula requires that all the property owned by Stafford Lakes LP (also known as K&M Properties) must be included in any preservation solution. Unfortunately, the offer does not include the “Crow’s Nest Harbor” section of the peninsula, which is about one-quarter of the peninsula and is closest to the heron rookery. (See map below.) It also does not include about 400 other acres that are part of the large parcel owned by Stafford Lakes LP. This leaves the rest of property open for development.

The Spring 2006 offer by the Board of Supervisors to purchase property from Stafford Lakes LP, and the cash proffer for the Stafford Town Station project, does not address any of the property in “Crow’s Nest Harbor.”