On Tuesday, June 2, the Stafford Board of Supervisors voted, through their “consent” agenda, to apply for a grant to construct a one-lane gravel road to the entrance and parking lot of the Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve.  (A consent agenda item means that all Supervisors have agreed to support the item; no action is needed from Save Crow’s Nest members.)

The grant money would be used to improve an already existing rough road so the public could drive to a parking lot 1.6 miles off of Raven Road to access the Crow’s Nest Area Natural Area Preserve.  If the lots in Crow’s Nest Harbour–which sits between state-maintained Raven Road and the existing Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve– had been purchased and preserved, this road improvement would not be needed; the public could access the Preserve directly from Raven Road.


The proposed road improvement is mostly along the narrow yellow strip (top center) on this map.


A news story was recently published about this application.