The plan to build hundreds of houses on the Crow’s Nest is nearly complete from the planning perspective, and is likely to move to the Planning Commission within the next four to eight weeks. You can track the progress of the Crow’s Nest plan and read plan reviewer comments on the Stafford County “IWR” website for the Department of Planning. Enter 241944 as the A/P number and then hit “submit.” (View the tracking system.)

Save Crow’s Nest hired an independent environmental consultant to review the plan and he identified numerous potentially serious problems that could pose a threat to the health, safety, and well-being of local residents.  The plan also could have a significant negative impact on the environment, creating soil erosion and the pollution of nearby waterways.  The consultant’s findings were sent in writing to the Committee.  Save Crow’s Nest also submitted a letter to the Committee, outlining the concerns raised by this study. (The letter is available in a PDF file, which may take a moment to load.  Newspaper story can be read here.)