On Tuesday, November 6th, three new people were elected to the Stafford County Board of Supervisors. Two of these, Harry Crisp (D-George Washington) and Bob Woodson (D-Griffis-Widewater) received perfect “blue heron” scores on the Save Crow’s Nest  Voter’s Guide,” (A positive blue heron indicates an overall position consistent with preserving Crow’s Nest.  A negative black bulldozer indicates an overall position consistent with action that could facilitate development on the peninsula.) The third winner, Cord Sterling (R-Rock Hill), did not respond to the Save Crow’s Nest survey.

On election day, volunteers from Save Crow’s Nest distributed over 2,000 copies of the Voter’s Guide to voters at the polls in the George Washington, Griffis-Widewater and Rock Hill precincts. In addition to informing voters of where candidates stood on Crow’s Nest, this provided an opportunity to educate Stafford residents and voters about Crow’s Nest and important legislation that could impact it.

We look forward to working with the new Board of Supervisors in 2008.