Crow’s Nest property owners, K&M Properties (a.k.a. Stafford Lakes LP) have dropped a challenge to a judge’s ruling regarding Crow’s Nest, but have filed a new appeal regarding their proposed development plan.  The appeal that was dropped had challenged part of the judge’s ruling in response to a citizen-initiated law suite about Crow’s Nest.  The new appeal challenges the Planning Commission’s unanimous rejection of K&M’s proposed development plan.

The Crow’s Nest Defense Fund, LLC has retained Attorney David Bailey to represent citizens’ interests in the legal actions regarding Crow’s Nest.  The Defense Fund is a non-profit organization, and needs your financial support to continue the legal effort to protect the natural and cultural resources on the Crow’s Nest peninsula. Please send tax-deductible contributions to: Crow’s Nest Defense Fund, LLC, PO Box 102, Brooke, VA 22430.