Currently, the Stafford County Planning Commission is considering a proposed comprehensive plan amendment and a rezoning application for Stafford Town Station that will allow between 1,740 and 2,250 housing units on land currently approved for 145 homes. Because some supporters of this development project have said that the project is linked to saving Crow’s Nest, Save Crow’s Nest has written to the Planning Commission to make it clear that a vote in favor of the project is NOT a vote to save Crow’s Nest, and that the project is a bad deal for taxpayer. The proffers made as a part of the project are not adequate to protect Crow’s Nest.

Save Crow’s Nest has always supported financially responsible solutions to permanently protecting the peninsula. We have never said “Crow’s Nest at any price,” and do not want Crow’s Nest to be used to justify such a bad deal for taxpayers. For these same reasons, Save Crow’s Nest spoke at the public hearing on the Traditional Neighborhood Development, the new law that makes dense residential developments such as Stafford Town Station possible.