Planning Commissioner and school board candidate Scott Hirons (Falmouth) is urging Stafford constituents to contact the Board of Supervisors to oppose the TDR ordinance. Referencing the news story in yesterday’s Free Lance Star, Mr. Hirons said:

“The first sentence of this article says it all “developers are considering how they could use Stafford County’s newest land-use program”. The Stafford County TDR program (and this proposed expansion) is not about saving farms in the county or even environmentally sensitive land. It’s all about how developers can USE the program to benefit them. That equals more apartments, more traffic, more overcrowded schools and more burden on county services – with NO proffered mitigation. Let your voice be heard – email members of the Board of Supervisors. Use this webform to send a message to members of the Board of Supervisors – [no longer operative]”

You can read Mr. Hirons message to the Board of Supervisors here.