A new Crow’s Nest supporter signs up at the Rotary Club’s “Wings, Wheels, and Ducks” event.


If you were at any of the Fall festivals in Stafford this year, you probably saw a “Save Crow’s Nest” table there.  Volunteers from “Save Crow’s Nest” have been out talking to citizens about the importance of preserving Stafford’s largest tract of undeveloped land.  Wherever we go, the response is universal: residents are excited by the prospect of preserving a piece of Stafford’s natural history for future generations but are fed up with runaway development and the lack of action by the Board of Supervisors.

Be sure to talk with your neighbors, extended family, co-workers, and members of your congregation or civic association about the importance of saving Crow’s Nest.


A church volunteer, sporting a “Save Crow’s Nest” button, serves food at the Andrew Chapel Fall Festival.