The voters spoke out clearly in the November 8th election as all four incumbents for the Stafford County Board of Supervisors were defeated.  The Board’s lack of decisive action in controlling growth and preserving the County’s remaining natural resources left many Stafford voters ready for change, regardless of party affiliation.  Citizens had enough of runaway growth, higher taxes, traffic congestion, and the destruction of the region’s rural character.


George Schwartz (center) shows support for saving Crow’s Nest at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting.


Joe Brito (left) examines the “Save Crow’s Nest” exhibit at Hartwood Days.

Three of the four newly-elected Supervisors have made a commitment to the preservation of Crow’s Nest.

  • In his response to the Save Crow’s Nest candidate questionnaire , newly-elected Supervisor George Schwartz (Falmouth) pledged “As a Supervisor, I will work to protect the entire peninsula from inappropriate residential development.”
  • In his response to our questionnaire, the Hartwood Supervisor-elect, Joe Brito said, “The Board of Supervisors must take the lead in preserving Crow’s Nest because it is County taxpayers who will have to live with the consequences of development on Crow’s Nest.”
  • Campaign literature for Aquia District Supervisor-elect, Paul Milde, criticized his opponent for “4 years of inaction on Crow’s Nest” and said Milde has “focused on making sure Crow’s Nest is secured by the county and protected from development.”
  • Mark Dudenhefer (Garrisonville) has yet to make clear his position on Crow’s Nest.

“Save Crow’s Nest” congratulates the winners and looks forward to working with the new Board of Supervisors in finally moving forward with the preservation of the entire Crow’s Nest peninsula.

The remaining three members of the Board are up for re-election in 2007.