On Tuesday, October 7, the Stafford Board of Supervisors passed the Potomac River Resource Protection Overlay ordinance.

Voted in favor of the legislation:

Joe Brito (I-Hartwood)

Harry Crisp (D-George Washington)

George Schwartz (D-Falmouth)

Bob Woodson (D-Griffis-Widewater)

Opposed the legislation:

Mark Dudenhefer (R-Garrisonville)

Paul Milde (R-Aquia)

Cord Sterling (R-Rockhill)

The Potomac River Resource Protection Overlay provides additional protections to ensure that development does not dump mud into creeks that feed into the Potomac River. These creeks surround four state and county parks, including Crow’s Nest. The Board voted 4-3 to approve this legislation. The vote to approve took place after the legislation had been deferred for a five month period, and follows a multi-year history of attempts to pass meaningful legislation to protect sensitive environmental features.

This legislation is just one of several measures that will not cost taxpayers money that the Board can take to prevent inappropriate development on the Crow’s Nest peninsula. View our Report Card on actions taken to date by the Board of Supervisors.