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Governor Tim Kaine at the Crow’s Nest dedication ceremony.

 On May 1, 2008, public officials and guests gathered at a sight overlooking Crow’s Nest to celebrate the acquisition and preservation of 1770 acres of the Crow’s Nest peninsula.  (See more photos and details.) This is a first step towards protecting the 4,000-acre peninsula.  But nearly 60% of Crow’s Nest remains unprotected.

To understand the future of Crow’s Nest, you must first understand that there are three different portions of the Crow’s Nest peninsula to be considered

  • Parcel “A” is in two parts and covers 1720 acres (tinted green on the map below)
  • Parcel “B” covers 1167 acres (yellow on the map)
  • Crow’s Nest Harbour and the area just west covers about 1,120 acres (red on the map).


The dedication ceremony was for parcel “A” (green)–about 40% of the peninsula–for $19 million.  The County has an option, but no funding, to purchase of Parcel “B” (yellow), for $16 million.  There are not any plans to purchase the Crow’s Nest Harbour and nearby lots (red).  A development plan has been submitted for the area in red labeled “outparcel.”