On April 18th, the Stafford Board of Supervisors voted 4-2 to approve a transportation plan that includes building a new road that dead-end’s at Stafford Lakes LP’s Crow’s Nest property. The existing Andrew Chapel Road was not identified as a hazardous area or a priority for the County by the Youth Driver Task Force, but this new road could help facilitate development on the peninsula, and the cost of the total project will exceed $18 million.  Consequently, Save Crow’s Nest urged Supervisors to remove the “new Andrew Chapel road” from the plan.

Supervisor Schwartz made a motion, seconded by Supervisor Brito, to remove the road to Crow’s Nest from the transportation plan.   However, the motion was defeated in a 4-2 vote.  The Board then approved the entire transportation plan in an identical 4-2 vote. Supervisors Milde, Fields, Dudenheffer, and Gibbons voted in favor of the plan to build a new road to Crow’s Nest; Supervisors Schwartz and Brito were opposed; and Supervisor Cavalier was not present at the meeting. See the update to our Report Card for a summary of Board votes.