[This page  provides some technical details and supporting documents for the items that appeared in the Free Lance-Star editorial on Tuesday, September 20, 2005. Additional material is highlighted in a different color.  Read the original op-ed piece in the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star. And read a follow-up, In the interest of balance: Ten reasons to not… Read More

 On September 20, 2005, Save Crow’s Nest members returned to the Board of Supervisors to remind them of the importance of saving Crow’s Nest.  One member read this prepared statement on behalf of Save Crow’s Nest: My name is Cecelia Kirkman and I live in Stafford County.  I am speaking tonight on behalf of Save… Read More

Prepared Comments for  the Stafford Board of Supervisors Meeting September 20, 2005 [See story on the rally before this meeting.] My name is Cecelia Kirkman and I live in Stafford County.  I am speaking tonight on behalf of Save Crow’s Nest, a volunteer organization with more than 700 participants. As you can see, I brought… Read More

All day long, a steady stream of people came by the Save Crow’s Nest booth at the 2005 “Salute to Stafford Day.”  Some were already members coming by to say hello.  Most, though, had heard about Crow’s Nest but wanted to know more.  They watched the 12-minute Crow’s Nest documentary.  They looked at–and were appalled… Read More

In an unscientific on-line poll, the weekly newspaper, Stafford County Sun, asked “Should purchasing Crow’s Nest be the county’s top priority?”  Despite biased wording of the question (“top priority”) that encouraged a negative response, a whopping 94% of respondents said “yes,” purchasing Crow’s Nest should be the county’s top priority.  Only 5% said “no,” and… Read More

  On August 30, 2005, an overflow crowd of nearly 200 gathered at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Fredericksburg to watch the debut of “Crow’s Nest: Stafford County’s Last Refuge.”  The new 12-minute film includes some magnificent images of Crow’s Nest and features local individuals active in the effort to preserve the nearly 4,000-acre… Read More

Last year, the owners of Crow’s Nest, Stafford Lakes LP (also known as K&M Properties), went to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) claiming they had the right to slice up the peninsula into more than 8,000 lots.  When the BZA ruled against them, Stafford Lakes LP went to court and appealed.  In early June,… Read More

The plan to build hundreds of houses on the Crow’s Nest is nearly complete from the planning perspective, and is likely to move to the Planning Commission within the next four to eight weeks. You can track the progress of the Crow’s Nest plan and read plan reviewer comments on the Stafford County “IWR” website… Read More